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  • Editorial office of "Studi d'Architettura" magazine.


  • Collaboration in the staging of VIII exhibition at Triennale di Milano.


  • Member of the board commitee of "Studi monografici di architettura" collection.


  • Collaboration in the staging of IX exhibition at Triennale di Milano.


  • Direction of "Posizione dell'architettura" short film, texts by Alfonso Gatto, music by Riccardo Malipiero.
  • Bignardi apartment. Milan.
  • Wooden table with folding corners.


  • Competition for Cervia town planning scheme, Milano Marittima e Ravenna. [*]
  • Pozzoli-Romanelli vault. Belluno.
  • Mass-produced forniture in curved plywood.


  • Technical advise to some glass industries Ohio and Indiana (United States).
  • Professional study in a Corn Crib. Perrysburg. Ohio.
  • Internal fitting of an airplane for an American company.


  • Skyscraper. Via Cantore. Genova (with B. Morassutti). [*]
  • Steel structure that can be dismantled for a depot. Padova (with B. and G. Morassutti).
  • Series of modular furniture "Multiuse" (with B. Morassutti).
  • Series of embedded furniture “Cavalletto” (with B. Morassutti).
  • "Secticon" watches. La Chaux de Fonds. Switzerland (with B. Morassutti).
  • Box for frozen food.
  • Chewing-gum dispenser.


  • Mater Misericordiae church. Baranzate, Milan (with B. Morassutti).
  • House. San Martino di Castrozza, Trento (with B. Morassutti).
  • Linked houses. San Martino di Castrozza, Trento (with B. Morassutti).
  • Leader of the group INA casa for Feltre quarter in Milano and for Ferrara province.
  • Interioris of Club 44. La Chaux de Fonds. Switzerland (with B. Morassutti).
  • Manzoni apartment. Milan (with B. Morassutti).
  • Clinic with nursery. Udine [*]
  • Series of sewing machines (with B. Morassutti).


  • Residential building. Via Fezzan. Milan (with B. Morassutti).
  • Depot for ferrous materials. Padova (with B. Morassutti and A. Favini).
  • Control machine for “Vibrograf” watches.


  • Residential building. Via Gavirate. Milan (with B. Morassutti).
  • Internal renovation of Villa Schwob (Le Corbusier). La Chaux de Fonds. Switzerland (with B. Morassutti).
  • “59” chair, first version.
  • Tables with bronze support, first version
  • Electric engine [*]
  • Optical equipment [*]

[*] = Progetti non realizzati


  • Residential building. Via Quadronno. Milan (with B. Morassutti)
  • Sport Building at Fiera del Mare. Genova - competition, project classed second (with B. Morassutti and A. Favini) [*]
  • Outboard motor [*]
  • Cutlery (with B. Morassutti) [*]


  • Advice for Alfa Romeo
  • Residential complex for managers. Piombino [*]
  • Industrial building. Corsico, Milan [*]
  • Watertank in roman countryside (with A. Favini) [*]
  • Tunnel for verification of aerodynamic penetration coefficient of cars [*]
  • Studies for cars to be made per parts [*]
  • Watches series
  • Fridges series [*]


  • Siag plant with lodgings and social services. Marcianise, Caserta
  • Splugen Brau Depot and office building. Mestre, Venezia
  • Entrance cantilever roof for Alfa Romeo plant. Arese, Milan [*]
  • Lamp with a diffusor made by massive Perspex
  • Vase series made by fused and turned bronze


  • Exhibition pavilion for Fiera del Mare. Genova
  • Structure with squared module and plate roof. Arrigoni plant. Cesena[*]
  • Monocoque body armchair in foam polystyrene[*]


  • FM Constructive system. Elmag plant. Lissone, Milano
  • Prefabricated houses and schools made by steel structure [*]
  • Vase series made by Vicenza earth
  • Second series of “Multiuse” modular furniture with aluminium profiles
  • Industrial sewing machine [*]


  • “La casa abitata” exhibition. Florence
  • Prefabricated houses in galvanized steel sheets
  • Ises Quarter. Secondigliano, Naples - competition [*]
  • Tower megastructure for a policenter [*]
  • Steel overpass. Piazza Repubblica. Milan [*]
  • Structure with squared module with circular ribs. Yardleys plant [*]
  • “Secticon” watch with a steel tube body
  • Tables with central support made by turned bronze
  • Tables with central support made by stone and a metal cross-shaped support
  • Series of foam polystyrene armchairs [*]


  • Plants for the construction of Casaluci furniture. Rovellasca, Como
  • Casaluci forniture shop. Milan
  • Wooden structure [*]
  • Constructive system for “Modulaire” residential building [*]
  • "Saffo" lamp made by blown glass
  • "Lesbo" lamp made by blown glass
  • Fiber glass armchairs
  • "Junior" and "Senior" embedded furniture made by multilayer wood
  • Curved plywood armchair
  • “4D” forniture with solid wood angular elements
  • Table made by solid wood firs reassembled and then turned
  • Portable television
  • Radio devices [*]
  • Series of modular furniture [*]


  • "Cub8" system for equipe walls
  • Blown glass lamps
  • Turned marble vases
  • Modular armchairs with cushions made by elements in self-skining integral polyurethane
  • "V+V" glass hooks for lighting that can be dismantled
  • “Cnosso” plastic modular lamp for roof
  • Armchair and sofa made by plastic reinforced by fiber glass


  • Armitalia Office building and plant. Cinisello Balsamo, Milan
  • FM Constructive System. Fiat car distributor. Domegliara, Verona
  • Villa Fontanesi. Marina di Pietrasanta, Lucca
  • Villa Bianchi. Piadena, Cremona
  • Exhibition pavilion at XIV Triennale di Milano [*]
  • Prefabricated structure in prestressed concrete for a ceramic plant [*]
  • Vase series made by blown glass
  • Series of objects made by vitreus china
  • "In-Out" interwall system made by estrude polyvynil chloride
  • Blown glass vases with high thickness
  • Terracotta modular vase


  • “U70” constructive system. Lema plant. Alzate Brianza, Como
  • Renovation of a furniture showroom. Corsico, Milano
  • Armchairs and chairs made by integral self-skining polyurethane
  • “S9” series of modular furniture
  • Turned marble table with a central support
  • Polycarbonate vases
  • Table with a wooden surface and a vitreus-china central support

[*] = Progetti non realizzati


  • Structure made by extruded aluminium profiles that can be dismantled
  • Study of a sculptress with a concrete prefabbricate structure [*]
  • Series of silver cups
  • Onyx vase


  • Turistic center. Murlongo, Verona
  • Villa Pederzoli. Bardolino, Verona
  • Villa Mila Shon. Somma Lombardo, Varese
  • Concrete prefabricated structure for industrial use [*]
  • "Eros" marble tables with gravity joint
  • "Variazioni" milled marble vase
  • "Cavaedro" milled marble vase
  • "Cementa" external lamp made by concrete
  • Tubular steel and hide armchair


  • Residential building. Monza, Milano
  • “Briona” constructive system
  • “L12” forniture system


  • Prefabricated structure made by prestressed concrete for industrial use [*]
  • "Triplani" series of crystal plates
  • "Miosotis" bowls
  • "Tavolozzo" table and table object made by marble and glass


  • “Modulo 74” prefabricated structure made by prestressed concrete [*]
  • Modular kitchen with integrated systems
  • Crystal table with a steel tubular support
  • Table with equipped volumes and adjustable angular elements
  • "Spirali” lamps
  • “Tangram” armchairs and bed


  • Completion of Villa Schwob forniture (Le Corbusier). La Chaux de Fonds. Switzerland
  • Megastructure and project for the new Headquarters of Padova Fair (in collaboration) [*]
  • Stand-alone panel for tall buildings [*]
  • Coffee automatic dispenser
  • "De Nôs" Series of solid wood forniture
  • Table with wooden square profile and crystal surface
  • Wooden armchair and padding
  • “L15” furniture system


  • Facep constructive system. Fiat car distributor. Bussolengo, Verona
  • Prefabricated houses. Majano del Friuli, Udine [*]
  • Arabia Trade Center [*]
  • “Assieme” furniture


  • Residential building. Arosio, Como
  • Snaidero Showroom and public services. Majano del Friuli, Udine
  • Modular forniture system for houses


  • Snaidero office building. Majano del Friuli, Udine
  • “Briona” constructive system. Feg entrance building. Giussano, Milan
  • Modular multifloro structure made by steel and with plain roof [*]
  • Tavoli in pietra serena con incastro a gravità "Incas"
  • "Lara" lamp
  • "Tre 3" chair
  • “S23” forniture system


  • Participation to the exhibition "Cinquanta anni di architettura italiana dal 1928 al 1978", organized by Domus mgazine and municipality of Milan. Milan
  • Official visit in Japan and participation to some conferences, invited by Japan Foundation
  • “MM79” Modular steel structure with curved roof [*]
  • Wall systems with aluminium joint
  • “Aurea” meshed jewels
  • Series of articles (flower box, free form marble bowls)
  • "Executive 80" office armchair made by polystyrene foam and lined
  • Third series of "Multiuse" modular forniture
  • "Egina" lamp
  • “Eccentrico” marble table with a cilinder upright
  • Free form bronze vases
  • Peperino table series [*]

[*] = Progetti non realizzati


  • Steel structure for Effe-ti office. Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Florence [*]
  • Continuous steel structure [*]
  • "Alola" lamp
  • “Cerbero” lamp
  • Decanter, glasses and vases made by silver (exhibited at the Modern Art Museum of New York)
  • Vases and bowls made by reassembled wood
  • Bathroom suite series
  • Series of stuffed sofas and armchairs (in collaboration) [*]


  • Advice on reassembled coloured wood for Alpi. Modigliana, Forlì
  • Advice for the design of kitchen furniture, “Abaco” series
  • Experimental theatre that can be dismantled made by a steel structure [*]
  • “In/in” reassembled coloured wood panels (with Italo Liverani - Alpi)
  • “Estrual” Modular bookshelves made by estrude aluminium profiles
  • “Asolo” granite tables with gravity joint
  • Kitchen furniture and equipment [*]


  • Contract as professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Università degli studi di Palermo
  • “U70” constructive system. Unifor plant. Turate, Como
  • Wooden structural tile
  • Model for a steel cantilever roof for Ferrovie dello Stato
  • Certosa and Rogoredo Stations - Ferrovie dello Stato. Milan
  • Bovisa station - Ferrovie dello Stato. Milan [*]
  • Underground “Passante ferroviario”: Garibaldi, Repubblica, Venezia, Piceno and Vittoria Stations. Milan [*]
  • “Violino” furniture
  • “Terra bianca” and “Terra rossa” tables
  • Series of alabaster articles (1982-86)
  • Alabaster sculptures (1982-86)


  • “Exposition du vint-cinquieme anniverseire des locaux du Club 44”. Exhibition La Chaux de Fonds
  • Exhibition and conference. Centre George Pompidou, Paris
  • Supply professor for the course of Composition. Faculty of Architecture, Università degli studi di Firenze
  • Series of seminar lessons. Faculty of Architecture, Università degli studi di Firenze
  • Exhibition and conference. Expo Center, Chicago
  • Speech at Cib-Uia symposium. Vienna
  • Speech at the round table in the Icsid Design Congress. Milan
  • Committee member of Bda Preis Bayern prize, Munich
  • Enlargement of Politecnico di Milano classes [*]
  • “Elias” alabaster lamps
  • “Chicago” chair made by reinforced fiber glass
  • Silver centrepiece for fruits


  • Inclined and stayed tower [*]
  • Bell tower. Majano del Friuli, Udine [*]
  • Complete silver tea and coffe set (1984-85)
  • Bronze table
  • “Roto3” Table with a crystal surface and wooden folding support
  • “Eccentrico” Marble table with gravity joint
  • “Office Automation System” office system (with Enrico D. Bona)


  • Honorary degree and medal for merit. II Architecture Biennal of Exhibition of Sofia. (Snaidero showroom building)
  • Exhibition and conference at Museum of Science of Oslo and Trondheim. Norway
  • Seminar at the Faculty of Architecture, Università degli studi di Palermo
  • “Stazioni del Passante ferroviario” conference, on the new planning of railway architecture in Milan
  • Staging of an office furniture showroom. Milan
  • Model of a footbridge for Ferrovie dello Stato [*]
  • Roof for an archaeological area. Termini Imerese [*]
  • Series of furniture for day and night zone
  • Desk with office furniture
  • “La Badoera” dining table with shelf
  • “Halley” office desk
  • New glass hooks for “Ricciolo”, “Tricot”, “Sella” lamps
  • “Boleto”, “Clessidra”, “Chierico”, “Accelsa”, “Sorella”, “Mezzagiara” Murano glass lamps
  • “M4” tables with crystal surface and marble basement
  • Safe
  • Food trolley series


  • Conference. Uia, Florence
  • Exhibition of alabaster sculptures. Galleria Lorenzelli in Milano and Municipality of Volterra
  • Committee President of International competition. Municipality of Carrara
  • Advice for a Colombian company
  • Artistic supervision of Colle Crystalworks. Colle val d'Elsa, Siena
  • Stadium. Catania [*]
  • Stadium. Palermo [*]
  • Roof for a purification plant [*]
  • Competition for a theatre-auditorium at Vicenza Fair [*]
  • “Ice stopper” crystal glass
  • “Anatis”, “Askos”, “Kyathos” crystal decanters
  • “Pericle” and “Paride” lamps
  • Tables series
  • “Etrusca” lamp
  • Reassembled coloured wood sculptures
  • “Forme in equilibrio” sculpture made by porphyry


  • Publication of “In nome dell'architettura” book (with M.Luchi, L.Bonesio and L.Magnani)
  • Conference in Koln
  • Seminar and conference in New York
  • Conference. Centro Ragghianti, Lucca
  • Committee member for Cornice prize. Bologna
  • Committee member of Eccs (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork). Zurich
  • Committee member of Eccs (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork). Sorrento
  • Artistical supervision artistica of Colle Crystalworks. Colle val d'Elsa, Siena
  • Competition for the renovation of Marienhof. Munich [*]
  • Messina bridge (with Giulio Ballio and Alberto Vintani) [*]
  • Residential house. Ragusa [*]
  • Two-families house and a shop. Ragusa [*]
  • One family house. Arosio, Como [*]
  • Commercial building. Alghero [*]
  • Series of tables, bookshelves, “Loico” marble consolle
  • “Lucerniere” crystal candelabrum
  • “Ergo” crystal candelabrum
  • Crystal cruets, cheese bowl, sault and pepper dispensers
  • “Casula” crystal centrepiece
  • Pliers, knife-fork for handicapped people [*]
  • “Cono-cielo” structure made by marble concentric elements


  • Exhibition of polychrome wooden sculptures. S.Carpoforo, Milan
  • Conference. Faculty of Architecture of Brno
  • Conference. Prague Architects Association Room
  • Conference. Sant'Agostino Museum, Genova
  • Artistical supervision of Colle Crystalworks. Colle val d'Elsa, Siena
  • Fair settlement. Orzinuovi, Brescia [*]
  • Hydraulic arrangement of Simeto river. Catania (with U. Majone, Studio B.C.V. Studio T.A.U.) [*]
  • Series of crystal articles for a desk
  • “Casta” crystal centrepiece
  • “Lente” crystal candelabrum
  • “Bibulo” crystal glass
  • “First Glass” crystal glass
  • “Eolo” crystal box
  • Modular centrepiece stand and a series of vase made by blown glass
  • “Aida” table lamp and “Daisy” hanging lamp made by blown glass
  • “Pergamo” printed glass lamp
  • “Techne” aluminium lamp
  • “Ventaglio” series of alabaster lamps
  • Modular columns with a steel surface
  • Safe with a stone basement, second version
  • Tables with cross-shaped supports made by bronze and multilayer glass surface
  • “Attesa” columns
  • Reassembled coloured wood sculptures


  • First prize for Rogoredo and Certosa Station of Ferrovie dello Stato
  • Honorable mention for the structural system made by prefabricated elements for an industrial building in Turate, Como (1980-83)
  • Staging of the exhibition at the California Museum of Science and Industry. Los Angeles
  • Conference. California Museum of Science and Industry. Los Angeles
  • Committee member for the International prize of Architecture Marmi e Macchine 1989
  • Conference at the International prize of Architecture Marmi e Macchine 1989. Carrara
  • Artistical supervision of Colle Crystalworks. Colle val d'Elsa, Siena
  • “Volta prossima” marble and steel composite structure
  • Linked Fontanesi villas. Marina di Pietrasanta, Lucca [*]
  • “More” table
  • Collection of crystal vases for flowers: “Primavera”, “Autunno”, “Inverno”
  • Porcelain tea and coffee set
  • “Tensio” chair

[*] = Progetti non realizzati


  • Contract as professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Politecnico di Milano
  • Speech at the Meeting between japanese and italian architects. Vicenza
  • Conference in Tokyo
  • Speech at a congress in Milan
  • Artistical supervision of Colle Crystalworks. Colle val d'Elsa, Siena
  • “U70” constructive system. Lema plant. Giussano, Milano
  • “Macconago” e “Canavese” AEM cabins for gas reduction. Milan
  • Renovation of the area near the Central Station of Oberhausen. Competition open only to invited architects [*]
  • Raggio di sole offices and service activities. Fiorenzuola d'Arda, Piacenza
  • Tea set, soup-tureen and plates set
  • “Touch Glass” crystal glass series
  • “Particolare” table
  • “Quattrotto” table
  • “59” chair
  • “Clizia” seat for external spaces made by stony material
  • “Ergonomica” steel collection (cutlery, tray, menagere, bucket, bowls, coffeepot)
  • “Olpe” crystal oil and vinegar cruet
  • “Ebbro” crystal glass
  • “Ergo2” crystal candelbrum
  • “Coppa Auspicale” made by crystal
  • “Duna 1” and “Duna 3” supports for sticks and cutlery


  • Exhibition at Gift. Fortezza da Basso, Florence
  • Exhibition at the Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
  • Conference for the exhibition opening. Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
  • Seminar lessons. Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
  • Conference in Trondheim published on the magazine “The Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences”
  • Conference. Lappeenranta, Finland
  • Conference. Technischen Hochschule Darmstadt
  • Conference. Refresher course. Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Architecture
  • Speech at the II italian-japanese Meeting in Kyoto, International Conference Hall
  • Artistical supervision of Colle Crystalworks. Colle val d'Elsa, Siena
  • IMM Office and exhibition building. Carrara
  • "Silver House", one-family steel house with aluminium walls for the “Abitare Italia” exhibition. Tokyo [*]
  • AEM cabins for gas reduction in Cinisello Balsamo and Sesto S.Giovanni. Milan [*]
  • Traffic light system and traffic signs [*]
  • Coloured glass centrepiece
  • Silver vases
  • “Bibulo” crystal set for beverage
  • Series of crystal rings-box
  • “Sella” crystal vase
  • “Gioco” crystal glass
  • Wooden table with crystal surface and wooden chair with selfskining seat


  • Seminar conference. Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
  • Speech at the III italian-japanese meeting. Accademia di Belle Arti, Carrara
  • Speech. Conferencefor the promotion and the development of a collaboration between marble designer and operators. Dolcè, Villa del Bene
  • Artistical supervision of Colle Crystalworks. Colle val d'Elsa, Siena
  • Underground “Passante ferroviario”: Repubblica and Venezia underground stations. Milan
  • Competition for the design of the new Porsche center. Salisburg [*]
  • Constructive system made by concrete prefabricated panels for railway rises [*]
  • Poles for public lighting for ACEA competition [*]
  • Poles for public lighting [*]
  • Series of handles for Valli & Colombo
  • Handle for Olivari
  • “Mesco” crystal horsd’oeuvre, menagere and cheese bowl
  • “Biscuit” crystal glass
  • “Gondola”, “Orà”, “Alter”, “Nerì” crystal candelabrum


  • Seminar-conference. Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
  • Conference. First Marble Symposium, Tokyo
  • Conference. Ente Sviluppo Porfido, Florence
  • “Goccia” series of crystal glasses
  • Prototype of a Church pew made by curved plywood
  • Prototype of a Church pew made by solid wood and steel
  • “Never the same” panels made by reassembled coloured wood
  • Wooden table with crystal surface and wooden chair with selfskining seat, new edition


  • Compasso D'Oro prize for carrier. Milan
  • "Marble Architectural Awards 1994", special prize for IMM exhibition building
  • Conference. Seminar Idee, uomini e tecniche. I percorsi dell'innovazione in architettura. Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
  • Conferenza al 1st International Congress of Architecture, Stone and Technology. Centro De Convenciones de Bahia, Salvador
  • Advice for LLUM (Sardinia)
  • “Cascina Triulza” AEM cabin for gas measuring. Milan (with Anna Mangiarotti)
  • Structures with thin marble elements
  • “Vestale” crystal cup and flute
  • “Italo” sculpture made by reassembled coloured wood
  • Marble sculpture made by a cutter machine with numerical control


  • Conference. Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, Università degli studi di Siena
  • Conference. Seminar Progetto e sperimentazione. I percorsi dell'innovazione nel costruire contemporaneo. Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
  • Passante ferroviario: Villapizzone Station. Milano
  • AEM cabin for gas reduction of Bovisa. Milan (with Anna Mangiarotti)
  • Villa Giusti. Poveromo, Massa Carrara [*]
  • Miwa-Torinoko Country Club House. Ibaraki, Japan [*]
  • Yoshida House. Kurobe, Japan [*]
  • Y.K.K. sportive center Kurobe, Japan [*]
  • Silver infusion cup in limited edition
  • “Stelo” crystal vase
  • “Onda” crystal vase
  • “Intermezzo” crystal vase
  • “Dialogo” crystal vase
  • Thin marble stair
  • “Zenitario” bronze sculpture
  • “Equilibrio di una relazione vitale” bronze sculpture
  • “Asimmetrie gravitazionali” marble sculpture
  • “Divenire”. marble sculpture. Monaco di Baviera


  • Conference on the objectivity of architecture. Seminario Le culture del progetto. Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
  • Conference. 17° fiera internazionale Marmi, Macchine e servizi. Carrara
  • Conference at Nagoya Architectural Association. Nagoya
  • Conference “Sulla verità dell’architettura, Téchne e progetto. Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
  • “La Vacanza” two-family house for holiday. Yamanashi, Japan [*]
  • Two-family house. Kyoto, Japan [*]
  • “Poesia” series of table, ground, roof and wall lamps
  • “Ypsilon” bookshelf
  • Eros, Asolo, Incas tables series new edition
  • “Seatair” chair for public spaces
  • “Dumbo” lamp for external spaces
  • “A/216”, “A/217”, “E/304”, “E/305” crystal vases
  • “Profili in equilibrio gravitazionale” steel sculptures series (1996-97)
  • “Variazioni” marble sculture series
  • “Stele” Molfetta stone sculpture, Carrara
  • “Futura memoria” bronze sculpture
  • “Stupore” bronze sculpture
  • “Spazio curvo” bronze sculpture
  • “Monologo” bronze sculpture
  • “Colloquio” bronze sculpture


  • Contract as professor in the course “Industrial design of spaces”. Industrial design. Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
  • Conference “Architettura per la materia”. Faculty of Architecture, Università degli studi di Palermo
  • Footbridge. Riomaggiore, La Spezia [*]
  • Renovation of a Tonnara. Avola, Siracusa [*]
  • “At Iovis” and “Sic Venus” lamp
  • “T-table”, table with steel structure and crystal surface
  • “Etrusca” Series of articles for dining (bottle, decanter, oil and vinegar cruet, bin) made by blown glass in a stationary die
  • “Datong-simbolo” marble sculpture. Beijing (gift of the Municipality of Carrara to China)
  • “Equilibrio di una relazione vitale” bronze sculpture. Second edition
  • “Piccola galleria” steel sculpture
  • “Continunità fra pieno-vuoto” steel sculpture
  • Profili in equilibrio gravitazionale” bronze sculptures series
  • “Opera” marble sculpture [*]


  • “Honoris causa” degree in Engineering. Faculty of Architecture, Technischen Universität of Munich
  • Gold metal in the Architecture category. Accademia della Torre di Carrara
  • “DNA” aluminium sculpture
  • “Separazione nostalgica” aluminium sculpture
  • “Stele meditanti” aluminium sculpture
  • “Il vuoto come terza dimensione” steel sculpture (1998-99)
  • “Energia materia-messaggio” steel sculpture


  • “IL DNA della scultura” exhibition. Organized by Municipality of Carrara and Internazionale Marmi e Macchine at Suffragio Church. Via del Plebiscito, Carrara
  • “S99” structure [*]
  • “Dialogo” bronze sculpture
  • “La galleria” marble sculpture
  • “Le presenze” marble sculpture
  • “Il percorso” marble sculpture
  • “Nascita di una relazione” polyvynil chloride sculpture

[*] = Progetti non realizzati


  • Monolith [*]
  • "Vera Laica" ring
  • "Massacro a Sant'Anna" sculpture. Sant'Anna di Stazzema, Lucca
  • "Stati d'animo" sculpture series made by japanese steel
  • "Cerchia degli Idiotoi" bronze and plexiglas sculpture
  • "Cloni" marble sculpture
  • Monument dedicated to the deaths of work. Apricena, Foggia [*]
  • "Obelisco" stone sculpture. Apricena, Foggia [*]


  • Presentation of the "extracappellini" collection. Via Tortona, Milan
  • Exhibition of steel sculptures. Organized by Cini foundation. Isola di San Giorgio maggiore, Venice
  • Sculpture exhibition. Cappellini Showroom, Milan
  • "extracappellini" collection (new edition and new projects)
  • "Eros", "Incas", "Asolo", "Ellisse", "M", tables and bronze table
  • "59" chair, flower box and umbrella stand made by ceramic, silver centrepiece
  • "Long span" and "Only 2" bookshelves
  • Glass hooks for "A", "B" e "C" lamps
  • Series of glass, bronze and marble vases
  • Series of alabaster lamps, perspex hanging lamp
  • "Enigma" steel sculpture
  • "Istanti" steel sculpture
  • "Finestre" steel sculpture
  • "Vuoto in equilibrio" steel sculpture
  • "Ante rotanti" steel sculpture
  • "Omaggio a Giordano Bruno" steel sculpture
  • "Congruenza" steel sculpture


  • Exhibition on Angelo Mangiarotti’s work - Architettura, design, scultura. Triennale di Milano
  • Sculpture exhibition. Agape showroom, Mantova
  • "Honoris causa" degree in Industrial design. Faculty of Architecture - Politecnico di Milano
  • Conference "La pietra come materiale strutturale". Salòn de Actos de la Fundaciòn COAM, Madrid
  • Conference "La Mano, i Sensi, la Materia". Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti di Milano
  • Commitee member. Competition for the enlargment of Bocconi University. Milan
  • Anfiteatro Station for Ferrovia Cumana. Pozzuoli [*]
  • "Elios" lamp
  • "Posamano" crystal ashtray
  • "Monos" series of crystal articles
  • "Strazio" marble scupture
  • Marblesculptures for Pozzuoli promenade [*]
  • Steel sculpture for Bocconi campus [*]


  • Conference at Teatro Bibiena in Mantua
  • Conference at Ordine degli Architetti in Florence
  • Conference "Lithopoiesis - Esperienze Lapidee". Riocentro Convention Centre, Rio de Janeiro
  • Conference "Tecnologia dell’Architettura e ricerca progettuale. Esperienze sulla tecnologia degli edifici industriali". Università degli Studi di Firenze, Palazzo Vegni
  • Speech at "The Best in Marble 2003". Villa Cordellina Lombardi, Montecchio Maggiore
  • Assignment of the "Renovation and designing of urban furniture of Carrara historic center" after adjudication of the Municipality of Carrara
  • Mandria station for Ferrovia Cumana. Pozzuoli [*]
  • Entrances of Monte S. Angelo station. Naples [*]
  • "La Flute" crystal glasses
  • Wrist-watch
  • "Divenire 2003" white marble sculpture
  • "Le presenze 2" marble sculpture – Sculpture competition. Ancona [*]


  • Conference "Aspetti della riqualificazione della Città di Carrara" with presentation of the project to the public. Palazzo comunale, Carrara
  • Conference and exhibition on Angelo Mangiarotti’s works. Gallery-MA, Tokyo
  • Assignment of the executive project for Cesare Battisti by Municipality of Carrara, artistical supervision of the realization of paving and pavements, lighting and urban furniture
  • Couple of free form silver vases
  • "Out-Inside" Furniture system with aluminium joint
  • "Tremiti" vases new edition
  • "Psikebana" vase
  • "Ricordami" plexiglas sculpture
  • Plexiglas and cloth sculpture


  • "3d" hooks presentation. Torre Branca, Milan
  • Sea amphitheatre. Carrara [*]
  • Poli-functional building at Manarola Station. La Spezia [*]
  • "3d" modular glass hooks
  • "L'abbraccio" washbasin series
  • "Plexi 1", "Ara", "Esa", "Ide" lamps new edition
  • "Ono", "Kino", "Tema", "Plexi 2" lamps
  • "Siora Zanze" vases new edition
  • "Siora Eva" vases
  • "L'incontro" and "Ad hoc" silver rings
  • "Secticon" watch new edition
  • "Cinque stele dialogano alle Cinque Terre" stone sculpture. Manarola, La Spezia


  • "Apostolo del Design" gold metal from Rima Editrice
  • Participation to radio programme "il Terzo Anello - i luoghi della vita" of Radio 3
  • Passante ferroviario: Rho-Pero station. Milan
  • "Trino" crystal bottle, jug and glasses
  • "Olpea" crystal decanter
  • "Dualità creativa" marble sculpture
  • New plexiglas edition of "Variazioni", "Separazione nostalgica", "Continuità fra pieno e vuoto" sculptures


  • "Marble Architectural Awards 2007", honourable mention for the renovatio of Piazza Battisti in Carrara
  • Bamboo articles, in collaboration with Baica. Japan
  • New edition of "De Nôs" furniture series
  • "Divenire 2006" marble sculptures. Sydney and Melbourne
  • Stainless steel disc sculpture
  • "Balance" marble sculpture
  • Aluminium balancing sculptures


  • "Cambiamento" marble sculpture
  • "Profilo in equilibrio" plexiglas sculpture
  • "Equilibrio di una relazione vitale" sculpture, new plexiglas edition


  • Prize from the Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. of Verona on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the ArchitettiVerona magazine
  • Exhibition on Angelo Mangiarotti’s work "Scolpire – Costruire", Casa del Mantegna di Mantova


  • Exhibition on Angelo Mangiarotti’s work, "Angelo Mangiarotti Designer", Calenzano Firenze
  • Exhibition and presentation of "Angelo Mangiarotti" book at Marina di Carrara (MS)
  • Exhibition "The drawings of Angelo Mangiarotti", Galleria Exits, Milano
  • Exhibition "Mangiarotti Collection", Milano, Venezia, Padova, Berlin
  • "Mangiarotti Collection", re-edition furnitures
  • "Equilibrio di una relazione vitale", sculpture, new steel edition


  • "Nebula" Lamp


  • Exhibition on Angelo Mangiarotti’s work, "Angelo Mangiarotti, Philosophy of the Maestro", Istituto di Cultura di Tokyo, Tokyo
  • Entrance of Unifor’s plant. Turante (Como)
  • "Bjhon 1", "Bjhon 2" washbasin


  • Exhibition on Angelo Mangiarotti’s work, "Retrospettiva: 60 anni di attività dell’Architetto Angelo Mangiarotti", Galleria Carla Sozzani, Milano
  • Plexiglas vases
  • "Junior" embedded furniture made by multilayer wood, riedition

[*] = Progetti non realizzati